Pipadouro offers deluxe river tours of the highest calibre in outstanding boats with all the vintage charm of the 1950’s and 60’s. The vessel Friendship I stands out with an interior comprised of a lounge, two suites and a kitchen. The maximum capacity of the ship is 12 passengers while underway, 12 for a buffet lunch or 8 for a seated lunch, or two couples for an overnight stay. The ship sails between the mouth of the Douro River at Porto and Barca d’Alva, at the border with Spain.

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Barcos rabelos were the traditional boats for transporting the casks of Port Wine from the vineyards to the city of Porto. Today, since the construction of the dams, the Douro is a river of tranquil waters but in its natural state it was full of rapids and rocky narrows. Imagine if you had to steer a barco rabelo with 50 casks of wine on board… a real adventure! Nowadays, we can safely navigate the river and enjoy the scenery which tells us that the river, although tamed, still runs deep and strong. Barcos rabelos are the ideal boat for shorter trips and/or larger groups.

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Douro à Vela offers a different experience on the Douro River: the taste of the wind when conditions are right, listening to the silence of the boat gliding through the water towards the monumental landscape of the Douro. The ship Libertus sails between the dam at Bagaúste and Pinhão. The interior of the boat is comprised of a lounge, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. The maximum capacity is 8 guests.