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Quinta do Vesúvio is one of the most magnificent properties in the Douro Valley, located in the Douro Superior. Historical records mention Vesúvio as early as 1565. But it was in the 19th century, under the direction of Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, that this quinta gained its legendary reputation. In 1989 Quinta do Vesúvio was acquired by the Symington Family and since then, some of the best Vintage Ports of the Douro have been produced here.
Spend a day at Vesúvio, get to know the house and the stories it can tell, enjoy a lunch accompanied by its wines and visit the winery for an absolutely unique experience.
Un exclusive partnership Miles Away / Symington Estates Family


Acquired in 1919 by Ramos Pinto and located in the heart of the Cima Corgo, river Torto valley, the Quinta do Bom Retiro is one of the oldest and most romantic quintas of the Douro. Here is produced one of the most acclaimed Tawny Port Wine, the 20 Years Old Quinta do Bom Retiro.
Imagine having this Quinta all to yourself for lunch or dinner in the company of your family and friends… visit the winery, wander through the vineyards, go for a swim in the pool, enjoy memorable meals or spend a night or more in this centenary Quinta.
Un exclusive partnership Miles Away / Adriano Ramos Pinto

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First referenced in 1715, Quinta do Noval was bought in 1894 by António José da Silva, remaining in the hands of his descendants until 1993, when AXA Millésimes acquired it.
The Quinta do Noval is the only traditional Port Wine exporter with the name of its vineyard, enjoying a prime location in the heart of the Douro Valley, Cima Corgo, Pinhão. Of the wines produced here, stands out the Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage, the world’s most highly prized Port. The grapes come from a small parcel untouched by the plague of phylloxera, a unique case in the whole region. Visit Quinta Noval it’s a must see experience.


João Nicolau de Almeida identified Quinta do Monte Xisto (Douro Superior, V. N. Foz Côa) as an extraordinary location for the production of wine. With the help of his sons, he began planting 10 hectares of organic vineyards, and considers this a family project that brings together the perspectives and technical expertise of two generations of winemakers.
After getting to know the property, its vineyards and stories, we suggest a meal on a terrace over the Douro River, where you can linger unconcerned till the afternoon or even the night falls, enjoying the wines of the surrounding vineyard.
Un exclusive partnership Miles Away / João Nicolau de Almeida & Filhos


Quinta de Ervamoira, located at Douro Superior, V. N. de Foz Côa, was acquired by Ramos Pinto in 1974, and became the first modern Quinta in the Douro. This was a project of José António Ramos Pinto Rosas who challenged his nephew, João Nicolau de Almeida, to re-think the approach to viticulture and wine making in the Douro. A visit to Quinta de Ervamoira can be arranged through Ramos Pinto, which organises visits to the Site Museum and/or a lunch at the Quinta. In partnership with Miles Away, it is also possible to dine at Quinta de Ervamoira.


In 1985 Ramos Pinto acquired Quinta dos Bons Ares (Douro Superior, V. N. de Foz Côa) with the intention of establishing a centre for vinification. Several factors determined the site: the proximity to Quinta de Ervamoira, the high altitude, and the granitic soil, which produces grapes of greater acidity and freshness. All the Douro wines of Ramos Pinto are produced, bottled and labelled here, notably the Duas Quintas wine, for which the grapes are selected from both Quinta de Ervamoira and Quinta dos Bons Ares.
Un exclusive partnership Miles Away / Adriano Ramos Pinto


The earliest known references to Quinta do Crasto, located at Cima Corgo, date from 1615. In 1981 Leonor Roquette and her husband Jorge Roquette took over the management of the property and with the help of their sons Miguel and Tomás, began the remodelling and extension of the vineyards and the production of the Douro DOC wines for which Quinta do Crasto is widely known today. A visit to Quinta do Crasto is an extraordinary wine-travel experience set within a unique framework of history and landscape.


Quinta do Vallado, located at Baixo Corgo, Peso da Régua, was built in 1716 and belonged to the legendary Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, remaining to this day in the possession of her descendants. For almost 200 years, Quinta do Vallado´s main activity was the production of Port wines that were commercialized by the Ferreira Port House. It was in 1993 that the company decided to extend its activity to the production, bottling and marketing of own-label wines.
Since 2005, Quinta do Vallado receives guests in its Wine Hotel, composed by the historic building that contrasts with a modern designed by the Arq. Francisco Vieira de Campos.