Nearest airport to the city of Porto: Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro.

The most direct trainline access is via the linha do Douro, which makes the circuit Porto – Régua – Pocinho. Nevertheless, it is possible to arrive via the linha da Beira Alta, which makes the journey between Lisboa and Guarda, disembarking at the Celorico da Beira station. From here to Vila Nova de Foz Côa, it is 45 minutes by taxi or by previous arrangement with Miles Away. For more information consult the Portuguese Trains website

Principal highways to the region from:
Porto – Régua: A4 – IP4 – A24 / Porto – V.N. Foz Côa: A4 – IP4 – IC5 – IP2
Lisboa – Régua: A1 – IP23 – A24 / Lisboa – V.N. Foz Côa: A1 – A23 – A25 – IP2
Salamanca – Régua: A62- A25 – A24 / Salamanca – V.N. Foz Côa: A62 – N332
Santiago Compostela – Régua: AP53 – A52 – A75 – A24  / Santiago Compostela – V.N. Foz Côa: AP53 – A52 – A75 – A24 – A4 – IC5 – IP2